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New Amazon Storefront – True North Tradecraft

The True North Tradecraft Amazon Storefront

Check out the new True North Tradecraft storefront where you can see a wide variety of products which are chosen to fill-out your preparedness needs.

Main Storefront Link:

List link (Books):

List Link (Tools):

List Link (Cooking):

List Link (Fire):

List Link (Water):

List Link (Shelter):

List Link (Power & Lighting):

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Negative Space – The AUDIO BOOK!

We are pleased to announce that that due to popular demand, our book, Negative Space: A Guide To Personal Security, is now available as an audio book on Audible and iTunes.

After receiving many messages and emails asking for an audio book version, we took the leap and had the audio book produced to make it even more accessible. It is available as a download from us directly, through Amazon/Audible and iTunes as well (links below).

Buy Direct from us HERE!

Amazon Canada:

Amazon US:

Stay Safe and #staycrafty!

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Covert Entry Magazine #002

Issue # 002 Of Covert Entry Magazine.
A wide assortment of articles in this new issue.

From the UTAC site:

Covert Entry Magazine Issue 002 is finally here! We could have called it Lock Picking Magazine, Entry Magazine, or any number of names but in the spirit of what we think that UTAC does best, by way of teaching people the high-level application of craft, we went with “Covert Entry Magazine”.

Our second issue continues to feature high-gloss print, heavy page stock, a large 8.5″x11″ format, full color, and includes articles written by Pat and Dave of UTAC, as well as others from our community.

This issue also features custome exclusive artwork, and original articles. You’ll also find an article about the micro pinning kit that we recently launched; originally designed by IG: @SurlyDirtbag of

This magazine is produced entirely in-house, so there will be some spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes here and there. And some colors and text fonts may not be the most tip-top performing for readability, but the content should still shine in the way that all UTAC products and services aim to bring the most value possible within our specific framing.

Covert Entry Magazine (CMOE Mag) is designed to be a limited print run. At this time we are now releasing our buffer of extra magazines that we do with each order to cover things like damages during shipping, and printer mistakes, and mis-counting. We have a small handful of magazines left from this print run that are now available for shipping to those that missed the presale, but supplies are limited!

We hope that we put enough value into this first issue that this, and future issues, earns a place on your bookshelf.

Enjoy, friends.


Get your copy while there’s still stock!
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Mission Darkness Faraday Gear

Use Promo code TNTRADECRAFT to save on your purchase.

Mission Darkness (MOS EQUIPMENT) provides faraday electronic emissions shielding gear to protect your electronics from damage and compromise.

Their proprietary shielding fabric blocks all signals, in and out, from cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and RFID, protection.

This technology aids in passport/ID protection, wireless testing, travel data privacy, corporate information integrity, personal security, digital forensics and evidence protection. Protect your data from compromise and destruction with hard-wearing, waterproof, weatherproof and signal-proof.

It can also protect equipment from electro-magnetic pulses (EMPs) prior to, and during, disaster scenarios.

Cellphone, tablets, computers, even your car key fobs can be protected from compromise via intrusion, emmination or remote access.

Be sure to invest wisely in your Electronics security with quality products from Mission Darkness and don’t forget to use promo code TNTRADECRAFT to save on your purchase.

Use Mission Darkness gear to protect your electronics.

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Simple Home Security Camera Set-up

Oftentimes, having a security camera system at your residence (whether you are an owner, renter, or traveller) can be beneficial in supporting your security posture as well as your general situational awareness.

Check out this video on our YouTube channel where I talk about how to set-up a quick, simple, inexpensive and effective security camera system.

When you add some solar-powered motion-activated lights, proper placement and some thought and effort, you can really leverage a few dollars and have something which will get the job done.

Stay Safe and #staycrafty.

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The Ready Pack Plus by Contingency Medical.

Get your kit HERE

I recently discovered Contingency Medical while exploring options for back-up medical supply options during travel scenarios, disasters or emergencies. The difficulty I discovered was that most of the medications one would need during a disaster would require a prescription or worse, not be available due to the local or regional public health systems being overwhelmed. The solution, simply, is to secure a supply of quality, effective and affordable to pre-position in case of emergency. During emergencies and disasters, community is important. So thinking not only of your own welfare, but your ability to be useful and helpful to others as well.

In addition to first aid knowledge and training, having the means to deliver care when medical care is not reliable or available should be a key component of your preparedness plan.

The process to get your pack starts off with a purchase (using promo code tntc10 ) which then initiates forms to be filled out by you for one of the Contingency Medical physicians to review. Upon review and clearance, you get access to follow-up services and support and your order is shipped to you. Part of the deal is that if you have questions or concerns, Contingency Medical provides you with a dedicated line to communicate with their physicians anytime. Their website has several articles and a fulsome FAQ section to address your questions and inquiries.

Your Ready Pack medications come in this handy carry case.

From the Contingency Medical website: “Designed to provide peace of mind on the home front.  This physician curated pack was built to help you prepare for emergencies such as pandemics, natural disasters, and other types of lockdown. It’s meant for at-home use where symptoms are more easily managed.  Each pack comes with health screening and follow up access to a board certified physician for a year after your purchase! Ready Pack Plus includes add-on medicines to help battle symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.  It has all the protection of the Ready Pack, with the additional medicines to keep you comfortable while you explore or recover.”

The Ready Pack Plus opened up with it's contents.
The Ready Pack Plus opened up with it’s contents, and includes a guide to each of the included medications, speaking to how and under what circumstances to use what medication, along with possible conflicts and dosages.

Get your kit HERE

Contingency Medical was formed by a passionate group of doctors, outdoor enthusiasts, preppers, road warriors, and international travelers who recognized a need for improved access to healthcare in emergency situations. 

About Contingency Medical from their website:

The Contingency Medical Packs are our solution. The idea stemmed from one of the company’s founding members, an emergency physician and graduate of Stanford Medicine with decades of experience in the field. He has intimate familiarity with the most common ailments faced and has recommended a great blend of antibiotics best to treat those ailments. His knowledge formed the foundation for our packs. 

The packs were designed to address the question – “What would an emergency physician keep on hand at all times – both for longer term emergencies and for emergencies on-the-go?” Based on this question, the Ready Pack, Go Pack and Ready Pack+ were born.

Get your kit HERE and be sure to use promo code TNTC10 to save on your first kit! Make sure you’re prepared with physician-curated medicines for travel, preparedness and emergencies.

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Thrive Unafraid Podcast

I was very fortunate and honoured to be asked to be a guest on the Thrive Unafraid Podcast with Kelly Sayre (@thediamondarrowgroup) and Doug Patteson (@texasspydad).


Apple Podcasts:


From the description:

Doug and I were thrilled to invite an “IG buddy”, fellow true northerner, and disaster preparedness expert Boris Milinkovich on the show.  This episode is chock full of advice on how to take baby steps now to positively change the outcome of any future disaster, major or minor, that you may experience.  

Boris shares expertise on how to not only survive, but THRIVE through unexpected emergencies.  His Disaster Preparedness Guide has helped thousands of individuals and families build a buffer of safety and security in the face of a disaster situation before it happens.  In this episode, Boris spills the beans on the foundation of his teachings. 

Don’t miss out on advice on:

  • How to prepare for any emergency situation starting today
  • How to develop a ‘calm under pressure’ mindset to emergencies
  • How to develop a disaster preparedness plan for various potential situations
  • What types of plans you might need depending on your lifestyle and responsibilities
  • What some people get wrong about emergency preparedness
  • and so much more!

Check out the full podcast HERE.

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The Importance of Foot Care in Disasters and a Tour of JB Fields’ Sock Factory in Toronto.

A common question asked of me when discussing preparedness as a topic, is “what are important things to carry” or “what stuff should I prepare for a disaster”?

As an addition to my previous posts on Preparedness (see HERE) one often-overlooked or not thought-about part is how important one’s feet are in the overall picture of being prepared for a disaster.

One of the most important aspects of preparedness is mobility. Oftentimes, the best way to avoid a bad situation (especially if you have advance warning of it) is to not be there. However, there will be times when there is little or no warning and staying put then changes to moving out. Relying on a vehicle to get you where you need to go is convenient, but may not always get you all the way there. Vehicle breakdowns, blocked roads, extreme weather – all can contribute to the need to transition to a moving on foot. At that point, you are ultimately going to have to rely on your own feet and their ability to get you through.

Be sure to include at least one spare pair of quality socks into every kit and bag you have. If you have a family of four you need to plan for, the same applies. Buy a good pair of hiking socks which will provide cushion, wick moisture away, insulate, breathe and wash/dry easily for all members of your group. If you need to transition from mounted (in a vehicle) to dismounted (on-foot) to cover distance and terrain to your destination, being able to change your cocksure both supportive of foot care and help boost morale. There is a wonderful feeling one has when you are cold, wet, sore and exhausted but you change your socks for a dry, clean pair. OH! It makes a world of difference. Just ask anyone who’s done a lot of hiking or been in the military. Dry, clean socks are game-changers.

In addition to the above, invest in the best footwear you can – solidly built, broken-in and in good repair. Depending on the profile and expected terrain you may be traversing, you may be looking for something more suited to the wet and cold of the outdoors or the roughness of the urban environment. Either way, research what works for you and get something you can rely on. You should also consider packing some Advil, Moleskin and duct tape. And an extra pair of laces (made from 550 paracord wouldn’t hurt you either).

I recently had the opportunity to have a behind-the-scenes look at the making of some of my favourite socks, right here in Toronto! J.B. Fields makes an array of high-quality socks from premium materials. Living in a colder region, I have been partial to their Icelandic wool socks and hikers for their incredible warmth and versatility for some years now.

Full disclosure: I am NOT being paid for this endorsement nor have I been furnished with any consideration, I just really like their socks AND I like that they are an old, Canadian-based company making a quality product at an affordable price.

I reached out to JB Fields and connected with Sid, one of their employees, and set up a meet to go in and pick up some end-of-season deals at their factory store. Sid graciously offered to show me their factory and how the socks are made, along with the features that make them the quality they are. (SEE PHOTOS AT END OF POST)

There are three styles which I really love:

  1. the Merino Wool Weekender: 96% Merino wool. VERY comfortable but not very resilient, so don’t get them for hiking of boot socks. But casual wear for comfort, yes!
  2. The Medium Hiker: 74% merino and both tough and comfortable.
  3. Icelandic Wool Sock: for warmth when you really want it.

Regardless if you go with JB Fields or other great sock manufacturers (such as Darn Tough or Smart Wool are both VERY good choices), just be sure to invest in a quality sock for supporting your mobility in an emergency for your preparations.

Having appropriate footwear (boots, or shoes), keeping your feet in good health (clean, dry, free of infection/fungus, nails trimmed, space to breathe in shoes, etc) and investing in quality socks will be a key foundational piece to build upon. Getting blisters, frostbite or other foot injuries can be crippling very quickly and ground you, thereby taking away your potion to move from a bad situation. Movement and mobility are life-giving and without hem, you are at the mercy of circumstance and other parties. Stay capable, maintain the capacity for mobility and invest in preparations BEFORE you need them.

Till next time, stay safe and #staycrafty!

Front doors to the factory and shop.
A few facts about this old, Canadian company and their socks.
A selection of their fine Icelandic wool socks. So warm!
Unfinished socks prior to washing and finishing.
Sock-weaving machines and spools of thread ready to go.
These machines require constant attention to maintain up-time.
More spinning machines pumping out socks.
This thing makes a tube of a sock using various types of yarns and colours. Very cool.
Shapeless tube socks being formed into foot-shapes.
Finished product – a very well-made and reliable sock to protect your feet.
I keep a pair in my go-bag at all times. You should too!
Be Prepared. Get your copy today!