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We are very happy to be able to offer the SECOND Issue of COVERT ENTRY MAGAZINE (Issue 002) to a Canadian audience in cooperation with Uncensored Tactical (UTAC).  This LIMITED RUN is IN-STOCK and ready to ship.


From the UTAC site:

Covert Entry Magazine Issue 002 is finally here! We could have called it Lock Picking Magazine, Entry Magazine, or any number of names but in the spirit of what we think that UTAC does best, by way of teaching people the high-level application of craft, we went with “Covert Entry Magazine”.

Our second issue continues to feature high-gloss print, heavy page stock, a large 8.5″x11″ format, full color, and includes articles written by Pat and Dave of UTAC, as well as others from our community.

This issue also features custome exclusive artwork, and original articles. You’ll also find an article about the micro pinning kit that we recently launched; originally designed by IG: @SurlyDirtbag of

This magazine is produced entirely in-house, so there will be some spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes here and there. And some colors and text fonts may not be the most tip-top performing for readability, but the content should still shine in the way that all UTAC products and services aim to bring the most value possible within our specific framing.

Covert Entry Magazine (CMOE Mag) is designed to be a limited print run. At this time we are now releasing our buffer of extra magazines that we do with each order to cover things like damages during shipping, and printer mistakes, and mis-counting. We have a small handful of magazines left from this print run that are now available for shipping to those that missed the presale, but supplies are limited!

We hope that we put enough value into this first issue that this, and future issues, earns a place on your bookshelf.

Enjoy, friends.



If you’re Canadian and want a copy (or from anywhere, really) grab up the limited run of these today before they’re all gone.

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