Friends of True North Tradecraft

Below is a listing of friends of True North Tradecraft – companies who are mutually supportive of us and with whom we share common values (in no particular order). Many of these are Veteran-owned and operated. Many are Canadian. Either way, they strive for excellence and professionalism. Check them out and tell them True North Tradecraft sent you!
The Buy Veteran Campaign and Business Listing championed by Prince’s Trust Canada and Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur.  Before you buy, Buy Veteran.  If you’re a member of the Military and are looking to transition, check them out as they provide outstanding support.
The CORE Group is an incredible group of talented individuals specializing in Physical security, Red Teaming, Pen Testing and all other manner of skillsets. Advanced Training and Consultancy Services provides advanced counter-custody and anti-kidnapping training for specialist military and law enforcement units worldwide.  Gear is available through the True North Tradecraft store and Oscar Delta.
Venturing into the woods?  Be prepared!  David Arama, Director of WSC Survival School has been teaching wilderness survival and many other outdoor skills for over 30 years.  He teaches effective skills which will keep you ALIVE.
Okichitaw is an Indigenous Martial Art which has been codified and preserved here in Canada by Master George Lepine.  They teach this unique and effective combat style while preserving First Nation’s traditions.
Hard Case Survival is a manufacturer of high-quality survival, escape and entry tools and supplier to True North Tradecraft as the exclusive distributer in Canada.

Tactikey is both Tactical and Practical. Carrying the Tactikey is a constant reminder to always remain vigilant and situationally aware.  It was designed as a self defense keychain to meet a laundry list of specifications. So it would not just look good in marketing material but actually function flawlessly in real life situations. True North Tradecraft is the exclusive distributor of Tactikey in Canada.

District Combatives, based in the Washington, DC area, proves effective and in-depth training in personal safety.  Top notch material and instruction.  If you’re in the DC area, they should be your go-to.                                                                                                                         “THE GOAL IS NOT JUST TO REACH YOUR POTENTIAL BUT TO BUILD IT, TO MAKE THINGS POSSIBLE THAT WERE NOT POSSIBLE BEFORE”.  – Ben (Chief Instructor at District Combatives)

Kennedy Tactical Concepts is the place for combatives training in Toronto.  Various styles blended into efficient and effective techniques.  Look into their instructor programs and workshops here.

Delta 2 Alpha is a Canadian-based tool developer and combatives training provider.  Their innovative and hard-use designs, as well as effective combatives expertise make for a formidable combination.  They are the makers of The Mark tool and the H2 Sierra knife.

Arrowhead Coffee Company.  Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) veteran-owned and operated.  A portion of all profits goes to helps CAF members, veterans and families.  AMAZING COFFEE!  I love the “Cleared Hot” espresso roast best, but don’t let that stop you from trying them all.  Buy a bag today!

The International Tactical Training Association (ITTA) is always on Mission to provide members with advanced tactical and technical programs of instruction formulated and directed by a core council who possess extensive Law Enforcement and Military experience. We seek to transform, keep you ahead of the curve, and one step ahead. Semper in Via.  They also publish Tactical Solutions Magazine, filled with articles supportive of their mission.

Ottawa-based CombatFIT Martial Arts provides modern combatives training with roots in military styles.  Offering discounts for Military, Law Enforcement and Government agencies.

Ed’s Manifesto.  Ed Calderon has been teaching esoteric skillsets to a wide-spectrum of students, specifically in the areas of counter-custody, bladed weaponology and non-permissive environments.  Hailing from Mexico after over 10 years of law enforcement experience, he is a wealth of knowledge and humility.

Persec Gear is a tactical gear manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada.  Specializing in belts for front line military, law enforcement, competition shooting, and everyday use, each item is custom built for the end user based on fabrics, colors, sizing, and unique detailing.  I own 3.  All fantastic quality.

Fat Lazy Cat Knives make high-quality, Canadian-made G10 and metal purpose-built tools.  Fantastic quality and attention to detail.  They make make tools for military, law enforcement and outdoorsmen, and they enjoy pressure testing these knives during combatives and survival training.  Check them out!