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Below is a listing of friends of True North Tradecraft – companies who are mutually supportive of us and with whom we share common values. Many of these are Veteran/LE-owned and operated. Many are Canadian. Either way, they strive for excellence and professionalism. Check them out and tell them True North Tradecraft sent you!

True North Tradecraft’s Merch Site

For those of you looking for various pieces of merchandise from True North Tradecraft, look no further than the following link – HERE

Here, you can pick up mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, etc. Check back often and see new products as they are designed.

Stay cool and stay crafty sporting our merch!

Link to the Store.

True North Tradecraft’s Amazon Storefront

True North Tradecraft has built an Amazon Storefront to make-accessible several options for gear on Amazon. Check out the link and get prepared! AND

Delta 2 Alpha Design

The people involved with Delta 2 Alpha have backgrounds in machining, manufacturing, engineering, textiles, sewing, pattern drafting, trades work, martial arts and combatives, military, and emergency services. Most importantly we are end users of our designs. This means we are committed making products we are proud of and products that don’t suck. We don’t have an interest in fixing what isn’t broken or in putting a new knife out every 6 months just because. Cutting edge gear available at

Atlantic Avenue Athletic Club

Atlantic Avenue Athletic Club is focused on providing expert instruction and physical training for people of all fitness levels. Their training is varied but never random, and performed with intensity, though never at the expense of form or safety. They offer the best group Strength & Conditioning classes 6 days a week and private training by appointment. This is the real deal. If you’re in Toronto, and you want to get STRONG and CAPABLE, visit them here:

CTOMS: Academy

Cutting-edge Emergency Medical Training.

From the CTOMS Website:

Our Mission is simple. To prepare and enable our clients to effectively manage complex tactical, medical, and rescue problems.

Our Vision is to be the world leader in tactical, medical, and rescue solutions through unique training methodology and delivery, and innovative product development.

Leave Nothing to Chance. Control the Chaos.™ 

This is more than just the company slogan. This is the core of our Ethos. The best attitude to approach the environments and circumstances that our clients operate in, which at their worst, are complex and chaotic. Our goal is not only to provide the skills, knowledge, equipment, and confidence to survive in these situations and environments, but to control and succeed in them.

Global Rescue

We partnered up with Global Rescue because their model of travel insurance is focused on what matters most: you (and your family). As a members-only service, they provide medical evacuation, consular support, and security extraction services to members almost anywhere in the world. Their clients are from all over (yes, you can sign up as Canadian) and when things go sideways on your travels, they will take care of YOU.

From the Global Rescue website: Global Rescue (a Global Rescue Company) has been a leader and pioneer in the travel services industry since our founding in 2004. We provide the finest integrated medical, security, travel risk and crisis management services available anywhere, delivered by our teams of critical care paramedics, physicians, nurses and military special operations veterans. Our medical advisory and evacuation services include exclusive relationships with the Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations, Elite Medical Group and Partners HealthCare. Our track record has made us the chosen provider to government agencies and some of the world’s largest companies, universities, nonprofits and tour operators. Our mission is simple – to be there when it matters most.

Use the link and sign up today! Global Rescue

Lifesaver Water Treatment Solutions

With a growing range of products designed to be portable, durable and capable of filtering thousands of litres of water with a single cartridge. Outdoor enthusiasts, relief organizations, military & government agencies, campers, backpackers, travellers, overlanders, adventurers, explorers and preppers have all found a LifeSaver filter which perfectly suits their individual needs, often via a combination of our products.. Check them out and get yours at

Contingency Medical

Contingency Medical was formed by a passionate group of doctors, outdoor enthusiasts, preppers, road warriors, and international travelers who recognized a need for improved access to healthcare in emergency situations. 

The packs were designed to address the question – “What would an emergency physician keep on hand at all times – both for longer term emergencies and for emergencies on-the-go?” Based on this question, the Ready Pack, Go Pack and Ready Pack+ were born.

Use the following link and get yours today!

Mission Darkness Faraday Equipment

Mission Darkness, by MOS Equipment, is a global leader in radio frequency (RF) shielding solutions. Our products play a pivotal role in supporting law enforcement and military forensic investigators. We specialize in the secure collection, analysis, and preservation of digital evidence, a critical aspect in maintaining the integrity and chain of custody essential in criminal investigations. Our product range includes mobile device analysis enclosures, shielded lockers, and specially designed faraday bags, all tailored for the secure handling of digital devices. These solutions are crucial in protecting sensitive information from risks such as remote hacking, tracking, and unauthorized access.

Visit them at and secure your electronics today!

4tac5 provides advanced training and consultancy services for select clients that are prone to abduction, kidnap, restraint and detention during conditions of armed conflict, civil unrest or operations other than war. This highly effective methodology is available to verified Law Enforcement and Military personnel only. Read more about them here:

Covert Instruments

The leading edge in entry tools, Covert Instruments is a disruptive force in the fields of covert entry and locksport. Because our principals are experienced leaders in these fields, we are in a unique position to develop and produce tools that will be appreciated by both professionals and hobbyists alike. Our philosophy is a simple one: create tools that are a cut above their peers in conception, production, and function. We believe in superior functionality, concealable design, and multiple uses. Founded by our friends Robert Pingor (formerly of the CORE Group) and @LockPickingLawyer and featuring @mcnallyofficial. It doesn’t get better than this.

The Diamond Arrow Group

Our mission is helping women to have confidence moving forward to live life on their own terms. Let us help you feel empowered and confident in your instincts so you can live life on your terms! We are proud to partner with DAG with the aim of empowering women with the skills, knowledge and tools to live life without fear and have the ability to protect themselves from violence. Visit them at

Eclectic Survival Systems

In the modern age, the word survival often conjures up images of a lone person fighting nature in an isolated wilderness. Where this image is also an accurate depiction of a survival situation, it is by no means the exclusive situation in which survival is practiced. Our goal is to create multidisciplinary survival tacticians through a myriad of skill sets, as well as develop and offer products that assist in the situations that must be overcome for life to continue: survival. Check them out at

Maple Syrup Mafia

Maple Syrup Mafia is a loose collective of Canadian-based professionals in personal protection, security and tradecraft who take their skillsets seriously but not themselves. For cool apparel and accessories, visit .

The Way of Tracking

A jewel of a site dedicated to tracking AND man tracking. Expert Tracker Kyt Lyn Walken is an expert tracker and instructor who runs The Way of Tracking. She offers in-person training, online content, technical books and guides and so much more, including insights on her social media pages. Check out the website HERE and learn more about this very useful skillset.

Hard Case Survival

Hard Case is an American veteran-owned and operated survival gear company. They produce high-quality gear for real-world use which we are proud to stock and make available to the Canadian market. Visit them at

Educated Beards

Canadian Veteran-owned, Educated Beards is your premier destination for luxury, holistic beard care and grooming essentials. If you have a beard and you’re not using their products, you’re doing yourself a disservice. I use their products daily and can’t say enough good about them and the amazing people behind them. Check out their top-quality products at and on Instagram HERE

WSC Survival School

David ‘The Survivorguy’ Arama, has been teaching and leading outdoor programs for more than 30 years at community colleges (e.g.. Humber, Seneca, Mohawk, Niagara, Conestoga), universities (McMaster, U of Guelph), numerous district school boards, and city Parks and Recreation departments (e.g., Vaughan, Markham, and Milton). He was ‘Survivorman’ Les Stroud’s first survival instructor back in the day. If you want to learn no-nonsene wilderness survival which can save your life, look no further and sign up for one of David’s courses at

Arrowhead Coffee Company

We love coffee and we love supporting other veteran-owned businesses. Arrowhead Coffee Company is a Canadian SOF Veteran Owned and Operated enterprise, inspired while on deployments with the Canadian Armed Forces. They bring you premium Canadian roasted coffee right to your door.  Their mission isn’t just great coffee, but it’s to give back to the greater Sheepdog community incl. but not limited to Veteran, Law Enforcement and Emergency services. Shop at

Okichitaw Indigenous Martial Arts

Okichitaw is a unique, powerful, practical combat art system that uses basic but aggressive combat movements that were employed specifically throughout Plains Indigenous Warfare. ​Based on Indigenous Plains combat techniques and tactics, this concurrent version of the combat art embodies the spirit of the Plains Warrior fighting and warfare applications through the utilization with traditional weapons. Our good friend, Chief Master Instructor George Lepine has over 40 years of martial arts and fitness training experience. Not only has he structured and methodized Okichitaw, but has also achieved high ranks in several other martial arts as well. You can learn more about Okichitaw at and on INSTAGRAM HERE.

S & J Hardware

S&J Hardware has been in the manufacturing business for over 15 years now in Belleville, Ontario Canada. We are a 100% Canadian operation, utilizing Canadian partners in design, manufacturing and finishing of all of our products. They are also a stocking partner – you can find many pieces of gear from True North Tradecraft on their shelves.

They are the number one manufacturer of shotgun parts in Canada. We make aftermarket upgrade shotgun parts for several brands of shotguns. Their motto “Combat Competition Defence” is rooted in their commitment to their customers. Over the years their products have made their way into the lives of customers on the job, at play and on their worst days, defending their lives and loved ones.

If your pursuit is perfection, they can help you get there. Visit them in Belleville or at

International Tactical Training Association

We seek to transform, keep you ahead of the curve, and one step ahead with advanced tactical and technical programs of instruction. Semper in Via. Publishers of Tactical Solutions Magazine. Based in Chicago, IL. Visit them at

The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur

The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur and the #BUYVETERANCA program support transitioning military veterans who wish to pursue starting their own business in their post-service lives through business boot camps and mentorships. Support veterans and the program here:

Aurelius Food Company

Canadian veteran-owned in Ottawa, ON. Since 2016 they have been importing and sourcing products and catering to Ottawa’s most elite chefs and critical foodies.  Their authentic, small batch and artisanal products have garnered a strong reputation within those circles.  They also offer an amazing quantity of flavoured olive oils and balsamic vinegars which will surely keep you coming back for more. I love cooking with their products and eating them even more. See their scrumptious offerings at

Special Projects Community &

Those who know, know. Cutting-edge community of security professionals sharing their knowledge.

Recoil Offgrid Magazine

One of the few publications we read regularly is Recoil Offgrid. They cover a wide range of topics which integrate well into our training and subject matter with contributions from leaders in their fields. We have even contributed. You can subscribe to print and electronic versions and Canadians can have their subscriptions sent to their door! (It’s a treat when mine arrives). Check out their amazing content HERE and follow them on their Instagram page HERE. Keep your knowledge and skills sharp with Recoil Offgrid.

Ed’s Manifesto

For over a decade Ed Calderon worked in the fields of counter narcotics, organized crime investigation, and public safety in the northern-border region of Mexico. During this period he also coordinated and worked executive protection details for high-level government officials and visiting dignitaries — often in some of the most dangerous parts of the country. Ed Calderon’s study into the indigenous Méxican criminal culture, from occult practices to endemic modus operandi have lead him to be recognized as one of the world’s preeminent researchers and trainers in the field of personal security that has come out of Mexico.

To learn from Ed, find him at

FLC Knives

FLC (Fat Lazy Cat Knives) has a focus on weapon retention tools (aka “Get Off Me Tools”). They use a data-driven approach to equip you with solutions that increase your survivability and positive outcomes. Your success is their mission!

Check out their products at and @flc_knives

Tradecraft Guide – Det V Cader

Our friend John, former covert operative and current nomad, curates a fantastic and informative site on tradecraft and security HERE. You can sign up for access to higher-level info and load yourself up on in-progress skills used abroad on a daily basis. Follow him on Instagram HERE.

Skypirate Actual

From our good friend Marcus Singletary, currently living in Ft. Bragg, NC. I work in the US Army as an 11B (infantryman) Infantry Squad Leader. During my downtime I’ve taught lockpicking, bypassing, and other forms of covert and overt entry. I picked up lockpicking a couple of years ago just as a hobby until I saw how useful the skill could be and how it could be applied to my job.

Once I realized how lockpicking can be utilized on the job, and in everyday life, I dived into lockpicking and bypassing spending hours a day picking, researching, developing ways to train to make it applicable in real-life scenarios, with help from great friends that I still work with to this day. Now, I spend time creating content under the IG handle Skypirate_actual. I believe in using what knowledge I have to help the everyday citizen. Learning this skillset will make you question everything you think you understood about physical security. Bypassing and lockpicking will make you look at obstacles in a different light. If you’re not following @skypirate_actual , you should be.

Echo ON / Echo Off

(Bio for our good friend William Echo (a pseudonym) from Recoil Off-Grid: William Echo has 14 years of combined experience in IT security, law enforcement, close protection, and corporate security operations. He has served various roles, ranging from training officer, EMT, communications chief, red team leader, infrastructure protection, anti-money laundering investigations, and intelligence gathering. With both parents in the IT industry and an aptitude for technology, that’s the direction he headed. After college, a family friend who was former law enforcement introduced him to a volunteer program that the local police department had available. Not long afterward, he ditched IT and used his police department contacts to land a job doing security work for a large financial firm, including performing infrastructure and facility protection during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. After spending a few years in law enforcement, he returned to corporate security/protection and has been there ever since.

You can follow Echo on Instagram HERE if you don’t already. You should.