Training Offerings

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Training for Military and Law Enforcement ONLY (Restricted)

  • Counter-Custody & Restraint Escape / Fast-Track Counter-Custody Course
  • Covert Entry Concepts

Civilian-level training (Open)

  • Personal Security Tradecraft
  • Personal Security Tradecraft (Women-only)
  • Physical Security Concepts
  • Urban Survival & Resilience
  • Jointly-offered workshops (in cooperation with partner instructors)

To book us for any of these workshops, contact us directly at  [email protected]

Counter-Custody & Restraint Escape

Restricted training for Military & Law Enforcement groups to learn skills and techniques for overcoming unlawful confinement, restraints or capture scenarios.  We cover various types of restraints, escape techniques and the use of production tools as well as using your environment to facilitate escape.

***Tool kit included in training package***

Covert Entry Concepts

Training is restricted to Military & Law Enforcement groups.  Covert Entry Concepts introduces the student to the skills and techniques to effectively analyze physical security postures, make lawful, non-destructive and surreptitious entries into buildings and other facilities.  You will learn about the physical security principles, analysis, Covert Entry skills, specialized tools and their use.

***Tool kit included in training package***

Personal Security Tradecraft

An open course available to Military, Law Enforcement and civilians alike.  Our Personal Security Tradecraft course will cover a wide variety of security tradecraft to use in your daily lives to increase your level of security for your self, family, home and business, even while travelling.

We are available to be hosted by your group for private training.

If your group or organization wishes to secure our services for a closed-session training workshop, Contact Us with your requirements and we will endeavour to accommodate you.

Personal Security Concepts

*Women Only*

In this Women’s-Only workshop, we bring the principles from our Personal Security Concepts course and add additional elements for some of the challenges women face in the world today.  All of this in a safe and supportive environment to teach you effective skills for immediate use.  This goes beyond any traditional ‘self-defence’ training you may have had in the past.

Attend a scheduled workshop or contact us and book your group today!

Urban Survival & Resilience

At Home and Abroad

Either at home or abroad, having the skills to be resilient in the face of adversity (be it natural disasters, extreme weather, social or political unrest, criminal acts and the like) is a must to secure your home, your family and your own safety under such circumstances.  Being adaptable and prepared for such eventualities is something you do before you need it, not after when it’s too late.

In this offering, we cover various concepts concerning risk management, disaster preparedness, emergency measures and personal & physical security concepts.  This is most useful both at home and also while travelling.  Be ready with knowledge and skills before you need them.