Has my order shipped?

When shipped, you should receive a “Completed” email from us.  

This indicates the order is shipped.  Once it has shipped it is IN THE HANDS OF THE LOGISTICS HANDLER!  That means they have the item and it is their responsibility to get it to you.  

If your tracking information shows “in transit”, then you have to be patient.  If it shows “delivered”, then you have to check with Canada Post (or USPS).  If it hasn’t been delivered after 30 days, please send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we can discuss options.

Buyer responsibility.
  Please ensure that you have checked all local laws with regards to the purchase and ownership of lock picks in your area it is your responsibility. True North Tradecraft Ltd. cannot advise you on the legal nature of Lock Picks or similar tools in your area, please do not ask. By placing an order, the buyer asserts that the products will be used in a lawful manner and that they are of legal age. At this time in Canada you are required to have a licence to carry lock picks in B.C., Saskatchewan, and Alberta these are often called “pick licenses”.
Return Policy?
Email us at [email protected] for return authorization.
If an order is returned within 20 days and it is in like new condition with original packaging and invoice we will return the cost of the item and the proper portion of shipping within 5 business days.
Portion of shipping: If you order two items and return one, we will refund you half the shipping cost.
Like new condition: All parts must be included, all instructions must be included, no scratches dents or wear and tear.
My order never arrived.
  If you order displays your Package Tracking Numbers, check with the shipper to confirm that your packages were delivered. If your packages each show a status of “delivered”, please contact customer service  ( [email protected] ) for assistance.
How will you ship my order?
  We use Canada Post (and USPS) and  it is up to you to select what service to use.  For expedited flat rate shipping, we will use whatever carrier will provide the best delivery time along with tracking.  Items and your invoice are placed in either a box with padding or a bubble envelope and shipped out as quickly as possible.  If you choose not to pay for tracking and your package is lost, we cannot refund you.
Does my order go through customs and is their a cost?
  All items that are shipped within Canada have already cleared Canadian Customs (CBSA) and we have made the appropriate payments. When shipping to the USA your order will pass through US Customs (USCBP) and this might result in a charge for customs paper work and duties & taxes owing. For orders to the USA there should not a charge for duties on these items (Made in the USA).

For all other countries please be aware that you might be responsible to pay for both customs and duties when your order arrives. All items that are ordered will be labelled as tool or tool kits, books, etc for proper identification.

YOU are responsible for any importation costs/fees for when your order arrives.

What is the Refund Policy for courses and Training?

For all training tuition, you must pay the full amount up-front.

WE HAVE A STRICT NO REFUND POLICY but honor tuition paid for two years towards any seminar we offer at any location.