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True North Tradecraft

As a Canadian, I have found it extremely difficult to access quality training and gear within my own borders. Not to say that skilled professionals don’t exist here – far from it – but rather the availability of opportunities for training and access to equipment is very limited compared to our neighbours to the South.

In that vein, I travelled outside of Canada not only train with specialists over the years (military, law enforcement and other specialists) but to develop and build on my own skills. This has allowed my immersion into a full-spectrum of approaches which otherwise would not be available to me and bring them back here, to re-conceptualize them from a Canadian perspective.

As Canada does not have options for the carriage of firearms or other weapons by average civilians, personal security and self-defence require a different approach to be effective within a more non-permissive environment.

Through that process, True North Tradecraft came into being. With a drive to help others and continue to serve my country, I hope to give all Canadians access to tradecraft and personal security awareness, tactics and knowledge to thrive within our legal system and maintain that security wherever they go worldwide through less-than-permissive lands.

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Stay Safe.  Stay Crafty.

The Author joined the Canadian Forces as a Infantry Reservist in 1998, eventually transitioning to Intelligence and then to his current position as a member of the Military Police. He was decorated with the Canadian Forces’ Decoration for his service. He is also a 17-year veteran of the Federal government, having served 5 years as a Customs Officer (with his last year in a Special Enforcement Unit) and the last 12 working in Transportation Security & Emergency Preparedness, incident management and national security. He has delivered training to various other government departments on security-related topics, as well as other stakeholders, and currently acts as departmental liaison officer and Active Assailant trainer for the Department of Transport. Additionally, He has attended several other survival, security, protection and preparedness training courses (both private and government) and is continually seeking out new methods and knowledge. He lives in Toronto.

We are pleased to announce that we are the exclusive Canadian distributors for the following equipment suppliers:

Oscar Delta SPD

Hard Case Survival / Lockpicktools.com