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Another escape tool kit innovation from our good friends at OscarDelta.

From the website:

The THREE INCHES has always been a grower and not a shower…

All the features of the THREE INCHES (GEN2) + T410 MICRO FRICTION SAW with BALLISTIC-STRIKER-BEAD®, and SPOOKKNOP (Ghost Button).

AHK3-rf, AHEK2 (stainless steel), Uber Gulag Shim, Optimised Hair-Grip, Diamond Wire Blade, T200 Micro Friction Saw (extended length), High Tensile Black Safety Pin and a Darby Escape Tube all contained inside a LEECH (Low-Profile Escape Evasion Cache Hide) made from recyclable high strength, abrasion and tear resistant, ultra heavy duty 1000 gauge (250 micron) seamless tubing. The thickness of the material means it can be worn with reasonable comfort near the skin when loaded with escape tools.

The AHK3-rf works on the following handcuffs plus more that share the common key-way:


The AHEK2 works on Chinese ANHUA Handcuffs HC-01W and HC-19W.

The Uber Gulag Shim has a unique length, width and thickness, which ensures it will work with a wider selection of handcuffs that would otherwise resist or fail to shim with other commercially available shims.

These include American UZI, British TCH, Czech ALFAproj, Polish KEL-MET, Russian BRS-2, Russian CROT and Spanish ALYCON.

The Optimised Hair-Grip can replicate the function of handcuff keys lock bypass tools.

The Diamond Wire Blade (DWB) can cut through a wide range of materials, including metal.

The T200 Micro Friction Saw can cut through non-metallic materials.

The Darby Escape Tube works on both types (male and female).

The High Tensile Black Safety Pin can be used to open cable-zip-ties, spike handcuffs, break duct tape and allow for alternative carry and concealment options.

Note: Three Inches will come as standard with the latest version of the Plan B+ and FT-CCK+.

This is a new product, the items will remain the same but the design shown may change without notice.

How to reload Three Inches (Gen1)…Click Here.

The AHK3-rf and AHEK2 has been relocated to the T200 Micro Friction Saw. Retained by a silicone bead the AHK3-rf is also installed with a stainless steel split-ring for improved dexterity. The AHEK2 is positioned on the AHK3-rf, it is not necessary to remove the AHEK2 from the AHK3-rf operate.

Note: The Three Inches (Gen2) comes as standard with the Plan B and FT-CCK+ (without the T200 Micro Friction Saw as a full length friction saw is included with the kit).

Get yours today and add to your load out of escape gear.  Stay safe and #staycrafty.

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Weight 5 g
Dimensions 10 × 1 × 1 cm

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