Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity (incl. Stop The Bleed) Sun Apr 14, 2024


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Disaster Preparedness & Business Continuity Seminar (DIS-BCP) – Sunday April 14, 2024

(Class is 0900hrs-1600hrs,

held at Atlantic Avenue Athletic Club, 38 Cawthra Ave, Toronto, ON,M6N5B3)

This 1-day seminar is perfect for those who wish to be better prepared for unexpected emergencies and disasters, at home, at work or in your place of business.  We examine common threats and hazards, how to assess your current situation, how best to approach building a preparedness plan, testing it and implementing it.  Perfect for those who have had no prior involvement with emergency planning or management and are looking for a solid foundation on which to build upon.  We will examine how to establish a secure base for weathering a disaster (bugging-in)and how to plan to “go mobile” (or bugging-out) should the situation dictate that you need to leave.

Designed for individuals looking to prepare for disasters as well as businesses interested in implementing business continuity measures to continue to function during disruptions.

Using our principle-based approach, we will learn how to assess our needs against realistic threats and hazards and to develop an adaptive plan accordingly.

From there, we will apply this methodology to begin to implement the plan to suit your needs and begin to take steps at addressing identified vulnerabilities as well as developing an agile plan to account for unforeseen eventualities.

Based on the same proven approach we use in our Disaster Preparedness Guide, this in-person seminar will show participants various examples on how to prepare for disasters appropriate to their individual circumstances.

As an added bonus, this class will conclude with a Stop The Bleed training session – designed to equip the average citizen with the knowledge to stop life-threatening bleeding and save lives.  Learn more at www.stopthebleed.ca

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