APEK (5.2)


APEK 5.0

The Advanced Personal Escape Kit allows for essential restraint escape tools to be neck carried out of sight but
ready for immediate deployment.

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APEK 5.2

The Advanced Personal Escape Kit allows for essential restraint escape tools to be neck carried out of sight but
ready for immediate deployment. A shirt or polo shirt will aid concealment. When travelling it is not necessary to
remove this necklace when passing through airport security. This is probably the one item of ‘escape equipment’ that
you will have with you 24/7 regardless of what you are wearing or doing. After time it will become a carry habit,
very much like wearing a watch – when you do forget to put it on you will know the difference!


– Tech 205 Cord (Escape Necklace) for use as a friction saw to cut through non-metallic restraints when restrained to the front.

There is no preparation required (knots to tie etc.) …

– Feed one end of the cord through the restraint until it reaches one of the knots.
– Place the foot loops over the toe part of your shoes or if barefoot between the big toe and increase the tension of the cord so it
positions itself on the lower part of the restraint to avoid friction injuries.
– Now move your feet in a slow pedal motion and gradually build up speed.
– The heat from the friction will burn through the restraint.

Tip: For silently removing cable-ties and nylon rope you do not need to use the cutting knots. Keep within the two knots to keep the noise to a minimum.

Advanced Handcuff Key (AHK3) designed to counter additional security features found on some handcuffs (key blocking blade, large key hole pin,
deep set keyhole etc.)

R Clip When installed with the Advanced Handcuff Key the R Clip can improve manual dexterity. This is particularly useful when handcuffed
to the rear and for advanced escape techniques such as the ‘reach around’ developed to deal with rigid and hinged handcuffs that are double-locked
with keyway facing inwards. The R Clip can also be used as an actuator to double-lock / apply the transport lock on some handcuffs.

Uber Gulag Shim 2.0 This is the latest version (AUG2017) that is slightly slimmer for the American UZI handcuffs.
Works on British TCH, Czech ALFAproj, Polish KEL-MET, Russian BRS-2, Russian CROT and Spanish ALYCON.

Micro Striker Bead Tungsten Carbide (MSB-TC) for breaking tempered glass windows (car side windows).
Concealed inside the plastic breakaway connector the MSB-TC is hidden until you require it. To deploy you pull on the cord either side of the
breakaway connector to pull apart. The MSB-TC is seated inside the the female part. Simply pull the plastic female part down the cord and
past the first cutting knot whilst holding onto the MSB-TC. Now wrap the cord around your hand and leave about 12 inches of cord hanging
free with the MSB-TC on the end. Swing the MSB-TC towards the glass – very little force is required as the mineral hardness of the MSD (9.5 MOHS)
is greater than glass (will punch a hole in a glass bottle!). You can use this to escape from a car or rescue persons from a car
(the friction saw will cut seat-belts). 

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Dimensions 9 × 2 × 1 cm