Fast-Track Counter-Custody Kit (FT-CCK) 4.2


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This is the latest FT-CCK (v 4.2) developed for individuals that are prone to capture.


– T200 High Speed Friction Saw
– Technora Escape Necklace installed with AHK3, Uber Gulag Shim, R Clip and Micro Striker Bead Tungsten Carbide
– Uber Gulag Shim with 120lb Stainless Steel Split Ring.
– Uber Gulag Shim with AHK3 and R Clip.
– GTFO Wrist Strap.
– SAD Tool
– Go-Tube Deep Concealment Device with shock-cord waist IWB Strap and plastic end cap insert.
– Micro Striker Bead Tungsten Carbide installed on shock-cord waist IWB Strap.
– 3 x 4hr green Micro Light Sticks (2 inside Go-Tube, 1 installed on Technora Escape Necklace).
– Supplied in a clear zip pouch (can be used for passport and boarding pass).

With training, skills and knowledge the FT-CCK 4.2 contains essential tools for dealing with various methods of restraint.

We recommend that you carry 4 Uber Gulag Shims, one worn high (on Technora Escape Necklace), 
one worn low (SAD Tool), one worn on waist line front (Uber Gulag Shim with Stainless Steel Split Ring)
and one worn on the waist line rear (Uber Gulag Shim with AHK3 and R Clip).

The T600 Friction Saw should be carried and concealed so it can be accessed from the front or rear.

The GTFO Wrist Strap is for breaking tempered glass windows. Simply place the tungsten carbide micro striker bead
against the window and then hold and pull back on the elastic; release the bead to break the glass.

The SAD Tool can be used to bypass handcuffs, basic locks, pry open cable-ties.

An item that cannot be found, cannot be taken. An item (escape tool) that cannot be accessed cannot be used… – Karl, Consultant 4TAC5

For covert carry and concealment of the SAD-Tool and other FT-CCK components we recommend loading the items into the Go-Tube ‘Strap-on’.
It can also be used for carrying cash (10 x $100 bank notes) and other valuable items such as micro SD cards, SIM cards, SERE Kit etc.

The shock-cord waist strap is worn around the waist to allow for easy access to Go-Tube and contents when restrained to the front or rear.
To install simply place the shock cord around your waist and tie a knot to secure (not too tight, not too loose).
We recommend wearing the Go-Tube inside your underwear so it’s positioned at the front with the shock cord tucked a way.
This is a tried and tested method of carry that conceals the items until they are required.
To access the Go-Tube simply reach into your waistband, grab the shock cord and pull to extract the Go-Tube.
The Go-Tube hanger cap is sealed with heat-shrink to prevent it from coming off as you pull on the shock cord to access the Go-Tube contents.
Note: there is a clear plastic disc installed inside the round end cap to prevent the SAD-Tool from penetrating the end cap.

To access the contents remove the round end cap by prising it off with your finger nails – remove itemrequired – replace end cap and tuck away!

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