Punch Face Buckle


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The Original Design of the Punch Face Buckle comes from @Snakedr aka Oscar Delta; They had discontinued it long ago, and we contacted them to see if we could make them available. Here is what how SnakeDr describes them:

“It’s basically a G Hook and Rescue Hook combo that can be installed on the SERE Black Ops Belt v2.4r or any 1.5″ webbing belt that shares a similar design. Installing takes seconds; simply hook the buckle onto the belt and tuck away the d-rings. The design allows for the belt to be cinched for a custom fit. Once adjusted you can use the G Hook to release the belt.

See the video of how it is worn and employed HERE.

The design of the buckle allows you to cut through multiple lengths of natural and synthetic cord & rope – other materials are being tested.

As with any cutting edge there are always safety considerations. I’m looking at various sheath options to cover the Rescue Hook but personally I prefer unimpeded access for speed.”

In our Version of the Punch Face Buckle, we used The steel to AEB-L. AEB-L is a Stainless Tool Steel that is used in High Kitchen Knives, a Razor Blades. It out performs 52100 (Ball Bearing Steel) in all categories includinh Edge Retention, Ability to take an Edge, Toughness, all while offering the benefits of a Stainless Steel.

Weight: 65g / ~2oz
Material: AEB-L
Finished: Matte Stainless
Made in: North America

We teamed up with @TracerTactical to develop a great belt that was purpose built for the Punch Face Buckle Design, while offering a multitude of options, and being Made in North America.

Additional information

Weight 65 g
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 1 cm

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