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Mission Darkness Faraday Gear

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Mission Darkness (MOS EQUIPMENT) provides faraday electronic emissions shielding gear to protect your electronics from damage and compromise.

Their proprietary shielding fabric blocks all signals, in and out, from cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and RFID, protection.

This technology aids in passport/ID protection, wireless testing, travel data privacy, corporate information integrity, personal security, digital forensics and evidence protection. Protect your data from compromise and destruction with hard-wearing, waterproof, weatherproof and signal-proof.

It can also protect equipment from electro-magnetic pulses (EMPs) prior to, and during, disaster scenarios.

Cellphone, tablets, computers, even your car key fobs can be protected from compromise via intrusion, emmination or remote access.

Be sure to invest wisely in your Electronics security with quality products from Mission Darkness and don’t forget to use promo code TNTRADECRAFT to save on your purchase.

Use Mission Darkness gear to protect your electronics.