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The Ready Pack Plus by Contingency Medical.

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I recently discovered Contingency Medical while exploring options for back-up medical supply options during travel scenarios, disasters or emergencies. The difficulty I discovered was that most of the medications one would need during a disaster would require a prescription or worse, not be available due to the local or regional public health systems being overwhelmed. The solution, simply, is to secure a supply of quality, effective and affordable to pre-position in case of emergency. During emergencies and disasters, community is important. So thinking not only of your own welfare, but your ability to be useful and helpful to others as well.

In addition to first aid knowledge and training, having the means to deliver care when medical care is not reliable or available should be a key component of your preparedness plan.

The process to get your pack starts off with a purchase (using promo code tntc10 ) which then initiates forms to be filled out by you for one of the Contingency Medical physicians to review. Upon review and clearance, you get access to follow-up services and support and your order is shipped to you. Part of the deal is that if you have questions or concerns, Contingency Medical provides you with a dedicated line to communicate with their physicians anytime. Their website has several articles and a fulsome FAQ section to address your questions and inquiries.

Your Ready Pack medications come in this handy carry case.

From the Contingency Medical website: “Designed to provide peace of mind on the home front.  This physician curated pack was built to help you prepare for emergencies such as pandemics, natural disasters, and other types of lockdown. It’s meant for at-home use where symptoms are more easily managed.  Each pack comes with health screening and follow up access to a board certified physician for a year after your purchase! Ready Pack Plus includes add-on medicines to help battle symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea.  It has all the protection of the Ready Pack, with the additional medicines to keep you comfortable while you explore or recover.”

The Ready Pack Plus opened up with it's contents.
The Ready Pack Plus opened up with it’s contents, and includes a guide to each of the included medications, speaking to how and under what circumstances to use what medication, along with possible conflicts and dosages.

Get your kit HERE

Contingency Medical was formed by a passionate group of doctors, outdoor enthusiasts, preppers, road warriors, and international travelers who recognized a need for improved access to healthcare in emergency situations. 

About Contingency Medical from their website:

The Contingency Medical Packs are our solution. The idea stemmed from one of the company’s founding members, an emergency physician and graduate of Stanford Medicine with decades of experience in the field. He has intimate familiarity with the most common ailments faced and has recommended a great blend of antibiotics best to treat those ailments. His knowledge formed the foundation for our packs. 

The packs were designed to address the question – “What would an emergency physician keep on hand at all times – both for longer term emergencies and for emergencies on-the-go?” Based on this question, the Ready Pack, Go Pack and Ready Pack+ were born.

Get your kit HERE and be sure to use promo code TNTC10 to save on your first kit! Make sure you’re prepared with physician-curated medicines for travel, preparedness and emergencies.