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Product Review – TheLolly by Delta 2 Alpha Design

I recently received a pair of tools – TheLolly – from our good friends over at Delta 2 Alpha and have gone about the process of playing with it and seeing what it can do.

***Note, I have both the Lollys – one “Predator Clear” and the other “Phantom Grey” coloured – however, I used only the “Phantom Grey” coloured one for better contrast in the photos.***

Here is what it looks like:

The Lolly – polymer last-ditch tool.

On their website, Delta 2 Alpha describes it thus:

"TheLolly is one of the most low profile, last ditch tools of its type on the market today. Due to its design it boasts a variety of carry options.

TheLolly was developed as a “Fingernail Saver” pocket pry-bar (light duty), and scraper (light duty) that will be less likely to leave scratch marks on glass, metal, and wood, it also features a 1/4″ bit driver. It has been laser cut from Cast Acrylic, a material that is only a few steps down from the canopy of a Tomcat.

The slot combined with our unique Ratchet-Teeth allows for an easy on off, but when twisted 90° (as it would be when held flat against the body) it acts as a cloth grabber for the elastic in undergarments and trousers.
*we haven’t seen the Ratchet Teeth done before, if you have please let us know so we can credit that person".

TheLolly is about the size of a standard house key.  It had a lanyard hole, a driver/hex bit hole, the attachment “ratchet tooth” slot, and of course, the chisel tip.  It makes for an interesting little tool as it is made from acrylic.

What I like about this design is first and foremost, it’s small.  It’s small and non-metallic, making it an ideal EDC (Every-Day Carry) item, even in various non-permissive environments.

About the size of a house key. Weighs next to nothing.

The edges are smooth, except for the points on the chisel tip, which are surprisingly sharp.  The lanyard hole will easily accept standard kevlar or 550-paracord to create a lanyard.  The ratchet tooth area grabs clothing well and is easy to manipulate into concealable places.  The inside of my TAD (Triple Aught Design Recon Shorts – in Deception) allowed easy and un-noticed concealment.

Inside-the-fly of my Triple Aught Design Recon shorts. As if TheLolly isn’t even there.

I suppose the sharp points on the Lolly are effective enough to puncture or cut certain materials (like packaging, for instance) and to be used for light scraping duties.

An additional use for TheLolly is as a last-ditch impact weapon.  Like a key, it can be held in the hand in multiple ways and used to strike an aggressor.  Here are some examples:

Through the first knuckle.
In the bottom of the fist, like the tiniest ice pick in the world.

To be clear, I didn’t test its durability in a strike, so I am not sure what kind of punishment the acrylic can take in the even you were to strike someone, nor do I know if TheLolly would shatter in your hand and cut you in the even you would use it.  That said, it does feel solid, and even so much so that I drove a screw into a window casement to try out the bit/hex function:

Using a standard driver bit with a standard screw, the acrylic Lolly did not bend nor break in the process.

Like the caption above states, the Lolly did not bend nor break nor seem to strain in any way during this process.  I was pleasantly surprised by this.  It gave great leverage and got the job done.  The bit fit perfectly.

All in all, TheLolly seems like a great little addition to your EDC kit, car kit, or travel load-out.  It’s acrylic, looks like a key and is non-threatening in appearance.  For the $15 bucks, it’s a great deal.

And Delta 2 Alpha is a Canadian company run by some really great bros doing some really great stuff, so check them out at

And if you’re really interested, the great guys at Delta 2 Alpha have graciously donated a few Lollys to be door prizes during our Covert Entry Concepts Course being offered in Toronto in July!  Check it out here!

Till next time, stay safe, stay crafty.

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Review: RAIDOPS Defense Gear – Fighting Frog & Delta

RAIDOPS is a South Korean company which designs and distributes a variety of personal defence gear, knives and accessories made to very high quality specifications.  A high percentage of their products are made from titanium, enabling a solid product with a low magnetic footprint and low weight.  Their designs are also very practical and low-profile, giving them a minimalistic appearance and also the ability to be carried through many non-permissive environments without undue attention.  

I purchased two personal defence products to try out a little while back – the Delta (one of several designs) and the Fighting Frog.  They arrived very quickly direct from South Korea to Toronto and came as below.  

(Quarter for scale)

RAIDOPS Delta and Fighting Frog

Upon taking each one out of their small boxes, I was surprised at how light they were.  The titanium was indeed very light and very strong.  The small ball-chain they came with felt heavier than the items themselves.

After handling each one, I was also very happy with the ergonomics.  Both were very comfortable to hold and use.  

They are intended to be used as impact weapons.  Held between the index and middle fingers of a closed fist to facilitate acute damage to an assailant (See below).

Fighting Frog impact weapon, in-grip.

Small, light, but VERY sturdy.  And no pain when hitting a tree, so a person should be just fine.  By the way, it took some chunks out of the tree (I didn’t have my phone for pics at the time – sorry!) so I can only imagine what it could do to a person.

Small yet strong.

Though their prices may be a bit steep ($48 USD for the Fighting Frog and $40 USD for the Delta) it isn’t too out of line with similar weight titanium products.

You can even double them and jewelry in non-permissive environments and you’ll still have an accessible impact weapon if needed.  Here I am wearing it overtop my Triple Aught Design Tradecraft Shirt for a better view.

The Delta as jewelry.

Again, lightweight, low-profile and easily worn in more non-permissive environments.  No issues to wear in a Canadian context, as at that point, it’s a fashion statement.

One thing I may look at, is the collection of RAIDOPS finger spinners.  This is essentially a fidget toy that is made of titanium but doubles as an impact weapon.  Here is an example.  Though somewhat pricey ($110 USD) I may consider getting one.  

At the end of the day, the strength, low weight, comfortable ergonomics and durability of the Delta and Fighting Frog make them effective and reliable.  I recommend checking them out.

Stay Safe.  Stay Crafty.