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The Domino – Review

The Domino is your constant-companion packet knife when travelling.

Perfect for low-profile carry and less-permissive environments, the Domino from Delta2Alpha Design gives you a thoughtfully-built, travel-friendly cutting tool with a few cool features.

The Domino comes in three colours – Just Black, NOD Green (the one I chose) and Widow Red. All really subtle.

I like the Domino as an addition to my Every-Day-Carry (EDC) when travelling in particular because the blades it uses are ubiquitous and available in shops, gas stations, hardware stores and pharmacies all around the world. Without the blade, it can be taken anywhere and easily loaded when on-ground. The blades are disposable, inexpensive and easily acquired (and each one can be turned over when dull to expose the other side for a fresh, new blade!).

Another interesting feature of the Domino is the magnets. They are positioned in such a way as to create a positive lock on the blade, as well as give you the option to stick it to something metal (see photo of the Domino stuck on one of my metal storage cabinets). It also has a nicely sized lanyard hole to attach via whatever shock cords or other cordage you choose.

From the Delta2Alpha site:

TheDOMINO was developed with the “One Bag Traveler” in mind:

*Compact and Concealable
*Stylish and Sturdy
*Tactical yet  Tasteful and Travel Friendly

After having spent seemingly thousands of dollars on “Throw-Aways” while traveling (many of which found their way into the garbage can outside of an airport); we set out to find something better… TheDOMINO was born.

TheDOMINO is a sleek, stylish, and Minimalist pocket knife.

It uses commonly available utility blades, paired with an innovative tool-less, quick change mechanism, that allows the blade to be removed or replaced in mere seconds.

The sophisticated styling of TheDOMINO and small size makes it much less likely to draw the wrong kind of attention when you are around those of a more delicate nature.

From the Manic Mind of the Nomadic Nerd For Hire himself, we are pleased to introduce you to: The DOMINO.

Note: dimensions are 7cm x 3cm x 0.5cm and weight is 106 grams

Delta2Alpha have really done a great job with this one – like they do with all their tools and offerings – and the presentation is slick. The Domino comes in a really nice tin (which you can repurpose for countless other things) and is shipped discreetly.

As always, stay safe & stay crafty!