Lone Worker Safety Seminar (Sun May 26, 2024)


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Sunday May 26, 2024

This 1-day seminar is specifically tailored to those who provide services to clients while working alone, in isolation and/or without a safety and support system. 
This seminar is perfect for all women working alone, realtors, sales staff, travelling employees, hospitality, massage therapy, adult services industry, personal support workers, modelling & entertainment, photographers, journalists and more! 
Taking elements from some of our other seminars and focusing on Lone Worker needs, we examine the risks and hazards of working alone, how to set-up safety protocols and how to manage “dicey” situations through the use of one’s environment, as well as best practices, both in a static space or while travelling. 
This Seminar includes a brief introduction to the concepts of self-rescue from improvised restraints (duct tape, rope and zip ties) and includes Stop The Bleed training.
*Hosted by Atlantic Avenue Athletic Club, Toronto

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