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Mica or Quick Shims (from Sparrows) work in a similar method to the old credit card trick.   These shims will open almost any knob, gate, or live spring latch including window catches. Simply slide into door gap, find the front of the latch and push forward while you pull the door open. The set comes with 6 flexible shims in two thicknesses. The shims are oversized (6.5×4 inches) so that you can also cut and modify them for special applications.

A compliment to Traveler Hooks, these thin tools are also used to loid doors and pop latches. Tools like this are able to slip into especially narrow spaces and also have the ability to flex and bend in ways that the solid Traveler Hook cannot.

This set includes
6 x Over sized shims in two different thicknesses
1 x Case

Additional information

Weight 104 g
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 2 cm

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