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Designed to bypass latch locks on doors that open outwards, external security gates and any other exposed latch bolts
that can be hooked or shoved to bypass without a key. It is the same size a credit card and can be kept inside a wallet
with the optional LUGGAGE TAG LTX1 (single card with eyelet hole) for shimming/carding latch locks on doors that open towards you.


– Mild Steel
– Flat Dark Grey Coating
– Eyelet Hole

How to HOOK an exposed latch bolt on a door:

First place the tip of the large hook behind the latch bolt and allow the hook to drop down as far as it will go.
Take hold of the tool near the lanyard hole and pull (you can add 550 cord).
If the tool starts to bend – STOP… for the door to open the latch bolt must move freely inside the strike plate.
If the latch bolt is held firmly inside the strike plate it will act like a dead bolt and it will not move.

There are various methods of entry to counter this:

Instead of pulling harder on the HOOKITOOL and putting more pressure on the latch bolt.
You should push on the door and at the same time pull on the HOOKITOOL.
This method will allow the latch bolt to move freely so it can be moved by the HOOKITOOL to open the door.

How to HOOK a security gate with external security plate installed:

On some security gates an external security plate will be installed cover the latch bolt.
This plate is designed to prevent ‘shoving’ – pushing the latch bolt inwards to release the gate.
The HOOKITOOL is perfectly balanced so when you attach 550 paracord the large hook part of the tool will be tilted forward.
This allows for the HOOKITOOL to be dropped behind the external security plate.
With the large hook tilted forward it will go under the latch bolt.
Pull firmly on the 550 cord to release the latch bolt.
If the tool starts to bend – STOP… pull the gate towards you and at the same time pull the HOOKITOOL.
This method of entry should release the latch bolt from the strike plate and allow for the gate to open.

The tool is mild steel, it is NOT a pry bar and it is NOT a grappling hook! It will only bend (not snap) if you are applying excessive force.
If you do bend the tool place it on a hard surface and strike firmly with a hammer or other solid object to flatten out.

Additional information

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.75 × 1 cm

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