Personal Security Concepts


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Personal Security Concepts

September 21-22, 2019

Toronto, Ontario


Designed and developed to give the participant an advanced working knowledge of civilian personal security tradecraft principles.

Topics covered include:

Day 1

  • Situational Awareness (SA)
  • Social & behavioural analysis
  • Security risk management
  • Hostile surveillance
  • Violence dynamics
  • Kidnapping and abduction awareness
  • Unlawful custody
  • Restraint escapes and counter-custody

Day 2

  • Every Day Carry (EDC) recommendations
  • Personal protection principles & improvised weapons
  • Ambush response and immediate actions to attack
  • Urban & Travel security
  • Home security
  • Active Shooter response

No other personal security or self-defence class in Canada will prepare you in the same way to avoid violent encounter or personal security threats, while developing the skills to facilitate escape from unlawful custody at home or on the road.

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