S.A.F.E. – Situational Awareness For Everyone (Sun March 3, 2024)


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Sunday March 3, 2024 – Toronto

We believe that Situational Awareness is the foundation on which one’s safety and security is built.

            In the SAFE Seminar, we focus on the situational and behavioural cues and indicators to allow you to see violence and danger as it develops,  giving you time to take action.  Our SAFE-Certified Instructor will bring to you an in-depth understanding of science-based situational awareness and how to apply it on your life immediately; how to spot pre-threat indicators in real time to keep yourself and your loved-ones safe; how to travel safely by understanding behavioural profiling and Kinesics; and how to speed up your decision making in the event of a violent incident; and more!

At any given moment, there are huge amounts of information being communicated to you through behavioral indicators, but how much are we really paying attention too? The S.A.F.E Programs will allow you to tap into this “hidden” language happening just under the surface of everyday environments. By learning specific, researched based behaviors that are tied to fear or threat, you increase your awareness exponentially.

Behaviors that comes from the brain’s survival center can give off observable pre-event indicators to fear or threat. Once observed, you can disrupt the chain of events that lead to conflict and stop a threat before it begins. By understanding these behaviors, you will be able to establish baselines and pick out anomalies happening all around you in real time. This builds a pro-active and situationally aware mindset that aids in disrupting problems before they happen.

In our class, you will learn:

  • Module One:
    The Baseline/Anomaly Mindset And Speeding Up Decision Making
  • Module Two:
    Non-Verbal Behavior And What It Communicates

  • Module Three:
    The Distances We Keep And What They Mean

  • Module Four:
    Hardwired Responses To Fear Or Threat

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***Note:  When you purchase this item, you will receive a joining instruction sheet for download listing the location & directions, schedule timings, contact information and a list of essential and supportive gear to bring.***

Read more here: https://www.emergencedisrupt.com/the-s-a-f-e-training-program/

Note: If you would like us to deliver the S.A.F.E. program to you and your group or team, we are available to travel to do so.

Contact us for more information.  **Hosted by Atlantic Avenue Athletic Club, Toronto

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