Mixed Skills Workshop w/ Eclectic Survival Systems – May 4/5, 2024


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Eclectic Survival Systems & True North Tradecraft

May 4 & 5, 2024

Our mixed-skills workshop will empower participants to reclaim their personal space and build the skill and capacity to be their own response to violence and aggression. Going beyond self-defence, it develops one’s capabilities and a mindset to be self-reliant, regardless of the adversity. 


It’d be great to have you join us and share with others you think could benefit.

True North Tradecraft will show the key concepts of escapology and personal security in ono-permissive environments.

You will have the chance to learn, practice, and be coached through escape from some restraints commonly used in unlawful confinement, as well as personal protection principles to enhance your overall awareness and security.  These skills are developed to enable one to “self-rescue” from a potentially dangerous or life-threatening situations.

*pre-manufactured and improvised options will be covered, as well as use of one’s environment to affect self-rescue*

Eclectic Survival Systems will introduce the use of improvised tools in non-permissive environments as defensive options and take you through a systematic approach to dealing with the common methods of implementing said tools effectively. Through a unique objective-focused method you will learn:

How to start from a base or develop your existing skillsets;

Selection, properties, carriage and employment of tools (edged and pointed, pre-fabricated and improvised);

How to rapidly neutralize your immediate threat(s) and manage multiple threats, and MORE!

Come and learn the skills to take control in chaos in this fast-paced, practical approach to personal security.

Prepare yourself for the unknowns in the world with this next-generation training.

PRICE:  $450 CAD per person  *Contact us [email protected]*

Sign up today!  Space is Limited!  

***Note:  When you purchase this item, you will receive a joining instruction sheet for download listing the location & directions, schedule timings, contact information and a list of essential and supportive gear to bring.***

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