Lone Worker Safety Seminar (1-day)


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Have you ever been in a situation where you wished there was someone else to call upon for help?

If you ever work alone, in isolated places, 1-on-1 with clients, out of office or on the road – this training is for YOU!

Our Lone Worker is the ultimate in self-reliant insurance. Designed for those who by the very nature of their work find themselves delivering goods and services to clients, often in situations where they are isolated, alone, vulnerable and without nearby support. We have developed a program to build your capability to assess, act and self-rescue should the need arise. Unlike traditional “self-defence” training, we focus on recognizing threatening situations as they develop and teach you how to position yourself to avoid them. We empower you with an understanding of the use of violence as a tool (from both perspectives of the worker and potential attacker) and building a solid foundation of self-rescue skills when you are your own emergency response. Gain an understanding of workplace violence indicators and mitigation methods effective in any environment. Learn how to overcome and escape from restraints (rope, tape and zip ties) while positioning yourself for safety and survival. We even cover effective procedures for your team or office to help one another stay safe while out with clients or while travelling.   

If you have ever felt uneasy or scared in your job – this training is for you. When second count, the police are only minutes away. Be your own response. Invest in yourself.

This workshop was designed (primarily) for women who work in various services where they will have a high likelihood of being in isolated positions with a client away from safety support.

This includes (but is not limited to) real estate agents, massage & physical therapists, personal trainers, travelling sales professionals, models & photographers, hospitality workers and anyone else who may put themselves in positions where they are isolated from help should it be needed.

This is about violence.  Its potential, its risks, its uses, its causes and measures to mitigate its use against you.

In this 1-day, jam-packed workshop, we take a tiered, principle-based, adaptable approach towards understanding and mitigating  potential violence.

Topics covered include:

  • Situational Awareness;
  • Behavioural cues and analysis;
  • Criminal mindset and methodologies;
  • Assessing situations for their risk level and what to do about it;
  • How to identify threatening situations as they are developing;
  • Plans and procedures for you (and your office) to put in place to minimize risk;
  • What to carry with you;
  • What to do if things become physical;
  • Methods to deal with self-rescuing from common restraints and unlawful confinement;
  • Use of your environment to help you, and survival measures.
  • Travel security – what to do pre, during, and post to keep you safe;
  • Privacy and information security fundamentals;
  • Introduction to restraint escape – how to escape from rope, duct tape and zip ties!
  • And so much more…!

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